Book an Appointment

Lowlands is open as usual on Friday and Saturday from 12 to 5.

It is also open from 10 to 5 Tuesday to Thursday by appointment.

One person or family group are welcome.

We feel that opening like this should enable people to feel confident about spending time looking carefully at our lighting and furniture as well as discussing exactly what their requirements are (without worrying about being socially distant in our small shop!)

We will review this way of working after a couple of weeks.

You will be able to browse in the shop and our back room and there won’t be any other customers with you. 

Half hourly appointments will be available from 10 to 5 on Tuesday to Thursday, and Saturday from 10 to 12

(Any times in grey are unavailable. Red or white have available slots.)

Please book through the website or phone Erica on 07790071316.